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My biggest observation after keeping track of what we cook and eat each week is that our kitchen basically closes on the weekend.  I sort of knew that, but now it is a confirmed fact.  During the school year I plead exhaustion at the end of a week.  Since it’s summer, I guess I have to plead laziness.  Oh well.


chicken w/ maple-orange glaze

green beans

steamed new potatoes


red quinoa w/ avocados, black beans, and corn

**Note: First time to cook/eat quinoa.  Huge fan.


red curry-like mixture of leftover vegetables and chicken

brown rice


pizza w/ homemade mozzarella and Mom’s garden tomatoes

spicy corn salad



leftover pizza


Last week we (Scott and I and John, one of our best friends) returned from a wonderful, wonderful road-trip vacation.  People should hire us as vacation consultants, it was that good.  It was planned around a wedding in Chicago and some friends in Ontario, Canada, with a lot of good stops in between.

These two fall into the small category of people I can spend two weeks with in a car:

If we got vacation reports cards, we would get an E for ‘playing well with others.’  Pictures of our adventures are here:

Welcome to a week of meals with the sole purpose of cleaning out the fridge before we left on vacation.  I didn’t grocery shop, though we did get our weekly CSA share and were overwhelmed with zucchini from our own garden.


out (notice a Sunday supper pattern, or lack thereof?  we both ate for $6.77 though, which is an accomplishment)


pizza w/ mozzarella and zucchini


life group meal @ a friend’s house


grilled chicken, grilled zucchini and squash, brown rice

After Wednesday our cooking petered out and we turned to our favorite restaurants.  Since we’re about to drop some cash on a vacation, why not warm up our wallets now?

Here is my second weekly log of the meals we cooked for ourselves at home.  My new summer thing is cooking lunch.  Who cooks lunch, you say?  Those people that don’t eat sandwiches.  We’re up to our eyeballs in vegetables right now anyway, and only using them for one meal a day was not making a dent.


dinner at a friend’s house  (we contributed a peach blackberry kuchen)


lunch: pasta w/ roasted vegetables and pesto, toasted bread

supper: roasted chicken, tomato cucumber salad, leftover peach kuchen


life group night = no cooking


lunch: eggs scrambled with swiss chard and swiss cheese

dinner: out (intended to cook, but I played around in the kitchen a lot today and then Scott worked til 8 and then I didn’t feel like it)


fried liver and onions; roasted potatoes, liana beans, and squash


lunch: red curry w/ chicken, kale, zucchini, and squash

dinner: chive biscuits w/ cheddar and bacon; figs w/ cajeta pecan goat cheese


out of town = out for dinner

I live in my college town.  Generally speaking, I’m not sure how common that is or isn’t, five years post-graduation, but it’s  not that unusual around here.  Aside from a few basketball games a year, I don’t have much to do with my beloved alma mater.  (I remember having grand illusions of donating to scholarship funds once upon a time, but for now my monthly student loan payments will have to do.)

Bottom line, I had to go on campus yesterday and it was weird.  Weird to be in a place where I spent every waking moment for four years, before trekking off into the real world without a look back.  Weird because I was older than the summer school students meandering around.  Just weird.

My college experience had its ups and downs, but truly I have no complaints.  It gave me a degree I use, a seminary student that eventually became my husband and, oddly enough, a town I came to call home.  I just don’t have to spend time on campus to acknowledge all those things.

So heres to college and heres to my real world life, too, because it’s so much better.

We are pretty avid cooks in our house.  I specialize in everyday fare, while my husband is in charge of  special occasions/big hunks of meat.  However, when my newly married sister asked for some of our recipes, I drew a blank.  Even now, I can barely think of what we typically eat for dinner.  So, to remedy this situation I decided to start keeping weekly logs of what we cook and eat.

This past week wasn’t exactly typical, with a birthday and a weekend of wedding-related events, but it’s what we ate.  We usually make at least five dinners a week at home.


A former favorite Mexican restaurant of Scott’s reopened, so we felt compelled to pay them a visit.


Stuffed zucchini, very loosely based on this recipe.



Church life group night–we’re off-duty for hosting this month, so we just showed up at someone else’s house and ate their food and it was wonderful.


Vegetable lo mein (with carrots, squash, zucchini, liana beans, and bell peppers from our garden and CSA share)


Scott’s birthday, which was celebrated with a meal out with friends.  It is some much easier than scramming a ton of people (meaning more than six) in our small living space.


This weekend took us out of town for a wedding, so we ate delicious wedding festivity food all weekend and now I need to walk about 1o miles to restore balance.

Now that summer is here, I’m finding myself in need of a new routine.  If I don’t have a routine, I won’t get anything done.  At all.  While I don’t have students in need of attention starting at 7:55 each morning, there is a small garden to keep alive, a tiny flock of chickens to tend, and chores in the community garden.  Throw in a tutoring student, a stack of books, and some cooking, and that’s my summer.

In the spirit of a relaxed routine, because it is summer, after all, I decided the best way to get everything done is to divide things into outside and inside tasks.  So, I get up in the morning and work on things outside until I can’t stand to be in the heat anymore, then I come inside and divide the rest of the day between reading and keeping up with whatever needs to be done around the house.

And it is so lovely.

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