The Whirly Girl

Meal for Meredith: Week of 7/18

Posted on: August 2, 2010

My biggest observation after keeping track of what we cook and eat each week is that our kitchen basically closes on the weekend.  I sort of knew that, but now it is a confirmed fact.  During the school year I plead exhaustion at the end of a week.  Since it’s summer, I guess I have to plead laziness.  Oh well.


chicken w/ maple-orange glaze

green beans

steamed new potatoes


red quinoa w/ avocados, black beans, and corn

**Note: First time to cook/eat quinoa.  Huge fan.


red curry-like mixture of leftover vegetables and chicken

brown rice


pizza w/ homemade mozzarella and Mom’s garden tomatoes

spicy corn salad



leftover pizza


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