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Hello, late-twenties... far, you are delicious.


I bought my first basket of pears at the farmers market yesterday and that can only mean one thing:  Summer vacation is over.  A new school year is here.

I’ve been contemplating how I will do life this school year, primarily because it will look slightly different from years past.  For the first time since graduating from college, I’m not working full-time.  No, we’re not having a baby and Scott didn’t change jobs.  The part-time teaching is an attempt to do several things: maintain my sanity, begin weaning our budget off of two incomes, make time for more homemade/hippy endeavors, etc..  Truthfully, maintaining sanity was the reason I initially decided to take the part-time plunge, with the others resulting naturally from the decision.  And, truthfully, it could go very badly–but I don’t think it will.

Lots of things made part-time work even a possibility, namely working at a small, private school that is willing to exercise flexibility and a marriage in which both spouses are generally okay with the other doing what they want (it helps that what we want basically includes him playing poker with the boys once a month and splurging on the occasional steak, and me creating more time in the day to make homemade cheese and grow tomatoes for pizza).  So, two weeks from now I’m starting the experiment of splitting my days more evenly between school and home, and we’ll see how it goes.  Until then I’ll be remembering how to write a lesson plan and eating all those pears.

My biggest observation after keeping track of what we cook and eat each week is that our kitchen basically closes on the weekend.  I sort of knew that, but now it is a confirmed fact.  During the school year I plead exhaustion at the end of a week.  Since it’s summer, I guess I have to plead laziness.  Oh well.


chicken w/ maple-orange glaze

green beans

steamed new potatoes


red quinoa w/ avocados, black beans, and corn

**Note: First time to cook/eat quinoa.  Huge fan.


red curry-like mixture of leftover vegetables and chicken

brown rice


pizza w/ homemade mozzarella and Mom’s garden tomatoes

spicy corn salad



leftover pizza

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