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Last week we (Scott and I and John, one of our best friends) returned from a wonderful, wonderful road-trip vacation.  People should hire us as vacation consultants, it was that good.  It was planned around a wedding in Chicago and some friends in Ontario, Canada, with a lot of good stops in between.

These two fall into the small category of people I can spend two weeks with in a car:

If we got vacation reports cards, we would get an E for ‘playing well with others.’  Pictures of our adventures are here:


Welcome to a week of meals with the sole purpose of cleaning out the fridge before we left on vacation.  I didn’t grocery shop, though we did get our weekly CSA share and were overwhelmed with zucchini from our own garden.


out (notice a Sunday supper pattern, or lack thereof?  we both ate for $6.77 though, which is an accomplishment)


pizza w/ mozzarella and zucchini


life group meal @ a friend’s house


grilled chicken, grilled zucchini and squash, brown rice

After Wednesday our cooking petered out and we turned to our favorite restaurants.  Since we’re about to drop some cash on a vacation, why not warm up our wallets now?