The Whirly Girl


Posted on: June 25, 2010

I live in my college town.  Generally speaking, I’m not sure how common that is or isn’t, five years post-graduation, but it’s  not that unusual around here.  Aside from a few basketball games a year, I don’t have much to do with my beloved alma mater.  (I remember having grand illusions of donating to scholarship funds once upon a time, but for now my monthly student loan payments will have to do.)

Bottom line, I had to go on campus yesterday and it was weird.  Weird to be in a place where I spent every waking moment for four years, before trekking off into the real world without a look back.  Weird because I was older than the summer school students meandering around.  Just weird.

My college experience had its ups and downs, but truly I have no complaints.  It gave me a degree I use, a seminary student that eventually became my husband and, oddly enough, a town I came to call home.  I just don’t have to spend time on campus to acknowledge all those things.

So heres to college and heres to my real world life, too, because it’s so much better.


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