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Meals for Meredith: Week of 6/13

Posted on: June 21, 2010

We are pretty avid cooks in our house.  I specialize in everyday fare, while my husband is in charge of  special occasions/big hunks of meat.  However, when my newly married sister asked for some of our recipes, I drew a blank.  Even now, I can barely think of what we typically eat for dinner.  So, to remedy this situation I decided to start keeping weekly logs of what we cook and eat.

This past week wasn’t exactly typical, with a birthday and a weekend of wedding-related events, but it’s what we ate.  We usually make at least five dinners a week at home.


A former favorite Mexican restaurant of Scott’s reopened, so we felt compelled to pay them a visit.


Stuffed zucchini, very loosely based on this recipe.



Church life group night–we’re off-duty for hosting this month, so we just showed up at someone else’s house and ate their food and it was wonderful.


Vegetable lo mein (with carrots, squash, zucchini, liana beans, and bell peppers from our garden and CSA share)


Scott’s birthday, which was celebrated with a meal out with friends.  It is some much easier than scramming a ton of people (meaning more than six) in our small living space.


This weekend took us out of town for a wedding, so we ate delicious wedding festivity food all weekend and now I need to walk about 1o miles to restore balance.


1 Response to "Meals for Meredith: Week of 6/13"

LOL! Let me know if the 10-mile walk helps!

And thanks for sharing your Kombucha mushroom baby. It followed a meandering path back to me and I enjoyed my first glass of my own homemade Kombucha today…thanks to your tutoring.

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