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Spring break has come to this poor, dormant blog of a whirly girl whose real life has recently won out in the attention game.  I am still here, though rather undocumented.  The school year is clipping along and, in less than three months, will be laid to rest.  My domestic projects are moving much more slowly.  I hang on to the fact that they are still, at least, moving. 

I’m almost finished with my second pair of wrist warmers, just in time to pack them away until next winter.  Kombucha is fermenting in two glass jars on my counter top.  I have homemade yogurt in the fridge.  So, all is not lost.

I tend to hybernate during spring break, hiding away at home, rarely going out for fear of having to interact with other people–the horror.  Such is the fate of an introvert who spends all day surrounded by people.  So, this week has found me primarily wearing slippers all day, hanging laundry out on the line, and planting tomatoes.  I did have to venture out to the nursery to buy the tomato plants, plus I used a gift certificate my 5th graders gave me last year to buy a new purse.  Besides that, I’ve been home sweet home.