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I have been drinking kombucha every day for about a month, mostly homemade with a few store-bought bottles when I’ve had a few days between batches.  I have also watched my face break out every day for about a month.  At first I blamed it on stress and going back to work after summer, then I thought perhaps the hormones of my middle schoolers were rubbing off on me.  Then, last week, my mother called to report that she and my aunt, who had jumped on the kombucha bandwagon three days prior, were also sporting some adult acne. 

Based on what I’ve read, this could be a visible sign of kombucha’s detoxing effect.  That is fantastic, of course, but will I continue to have the face of a 13-year-old until ALL the toxins are out of my system?  I ask that because I know I am still ingesting less-than-healthy, “toxic” things and it seems to me that the detox pimples will continue until there isn’t anything, or very little, left to detox.

I had already started making some changes in the way I cook as I began learning more about nutrient-dense food and so forth: more unrefined sweeteners (palm sugar, evaporated cane juice), even more produce, whole-grain flours, etc., etc.  I do know, however, that I am far from making Sally Fallon proud, and wonder if my blemishes will continue until I meet her standards of nutrition.

While I may have a bit more to cover up when applying makeup on work days, I do know that I have not gotten the flu or any of the other bugs my students are currently sharing.  I am not drinking Diet Coke every day anymore and have stopped buying it at the grocery store.  I don’t think I’ve been quite as tired after work as I have been in years past.  All that to say, I think kombucha is here to stay in my house, breaks outs or not.  I’m working on incorporating more “non-toxic” foods into my diet and hopefully my once-clear skin will emerge in time.


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