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Health in a Jar

Posted on: September 29, 2009

So.  I successfully (I think) brewed by first batch of kombucha.  First, I grew the “mother”.




Then, I transferred it into ceramic pitcher of sweetened tea and store-bought kombucha (I need to get a big glass crock) and let it sit.  I think it looks like a jellyfish.



I used apricot ginger black tea, because it was the only organic black tea I could get my hands on when I needed it.  When it was ready to be bottled, I poured about an inch of apple juice into bottles first, before transferring the kombucha.  Then I sealed them tightly and put them in a dark pantry for two days, after which I put them in the fridge and have been drinking kombucha every day since!

My kombucha is much sweeter, and with a significantly less strong taste, than store-bought.  It was fizzy, though not as much as I would have liked.  I did notice that the serving bottled in an old kombucha bottle was the most fizzy, presumably because it had the tightest fitting lid.

All in all I’m pleased with the results.  I’m hoping a daily dose will help ward off the flu and any other illnesses we have been passing around at school.  My next batch, currently bottled and sitting in the pantry, was made with plain organic black tea and a 1/4 cup less sugar and flavored with grape juice.

While my explanations were vague here, I followed these instructions and with very good results.


3 Responses to "Health in a Jar"

I also grew my own “mother”. I found my first batches were also not as fizzy as I wanted, but I just left the “babies” on for about 3 batches until the mother was about a half inch thick, and brewed for a half a week more, and man, the fizz was great! Slightly sour, but then I mix it with juice (in new jars) and ferment it for a few days longer, and its perfect! Congrats on your journey of health!

Thanks, Gena! My last batch or two have been fizzier, as you said yours were, and I’ve had good success with an addition of grape juice, in particular, before a second round of fermenting.

Sounds like you’ve hit a home run! Congrats on this 🙂

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