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Archive for September 3rd, 2009


Today, instead of knitting, I spent my early morning time researching how to make kombucha.  Like many snazzy things, I first learned about kombucha from my mom.  Initially, I was looking for places that sell kombucha mushrooms, or mothers, that serve as starters and got discouraged because they were a bit pricey!  This site, however, saved the day and I now have my very own kombucha mother growing in a mason jar on my kitchen counter.  I think it will be ready after the long weekend.  Scott brews beer, as I’ve mentioned before, and this experiment may very well be the closest to solidarity we every come in that particular endeavor.

Like most new food experiments, I am hopeful that this will, of course, cure all of our ailments and lengthen our life span.  Truly, I am always so tired during the school it’s sometimes a challenge to keep up with everything else after I’ve used up all my energy at my job; I am hoping this will maybe help a bit with that, as well as help me not get sick every quarter of the school year due to germs my students so lovingly and willingly share.

Has anyone had any experiences with kombucha?  I think I’m going to use this recipe for the first go ’round.