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The Work and The Home

Posted on: September 1, 2009

School got off to a surprisingly smooth start.  (Weird.)  So work is going pretty well and I’m having a relatively good time teaching Latin to all 67 of my little darlings.  (Some are more little and darling than others.)  In an effort to give myself a better balance of home and work this year, I’ve started getting up about 5 a.m. most mornings to knit and maybe write a bit before getting ready to leave.  It’s probably made me a little more tired, but it’s just blending in with the regular back-to-school fatigue and barely noticeable.  (Yes, I am a morning person.)

What is noticeable is how much calmer I feel walking out the door each morning.  I haven’t driven to work crying once.  (This is actually an accomplishment, embarrassingly enough.)  I do feel a bit wistful when I leave because I’ve usually gotten into a good homey/crafty/creative mood by the time I need to get dressed and head out, but still—no crying.

Tonight I hadn’t had my fill of domestic goodness, so the evening’s agenda included homemade pita bread, coconut pecan brownies, and felting a potholder.  Does someone want to hire a knitter/baker/homebody?  I think I’m getting pretty good at this.


1 Response to "The Work and The Home"

I wish I could spend a morning with you sometime! You’ve inspired me to try getting up earlier. Even though my mornings are usually spent at home, if I gave myself an extra hour or two I might have more time for sewing and such nice things instead of just cleaning and dishes! Homemade pita sounds just delicious.

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