The Whirly Girl

The Very Lovely Birthday

Posted on: August 17, 2009

We celebrated my birthday last weekend with a lunch of gazpacho, pork tacos, Sacher Torte, and as many friends as would fit around the dining room table.  (Flowers and a new ipod waiting for me on the dining room table that morning kicked off the festivities.)  It was lovely in every sense of the word. 


birthday lunch table

birthday lunch table


When people show up at your home bearing gifts of a ramkin of creme brulee, an expanding envelope for your coupons, menchago cheese and high-quality chocolate, and a grocery store gift card for “the things you usually say no to,” it makes a girl feel pretty good.  Not the fact that gifts were brought, but that all of these things, and this fabulous tea towel from my sister, were a good summation, in material form, of who I am.  So was the food.  It’s always nice to feel like people know who you are.


birthday gazpacho

birthday gazpacho


birthday Sacher torte

birthday Sacher torte


P.S. Yes, the zinnias on the table match my plaid napkins perfectly.  Not planned, but fabulous.


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