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Green Up Your Bathroom

Posted on: August 13, 2009

I watched this video this morning about making your bathroom eco-friendly and thought it was great.  (Thanks, becentsable!)

We have already taken some steps the video listed.  We also have CFL bulbs in our bathroom.  I do use vinegar for cleaning purposes sometimes, but need to get better about using it for more things.   We have also been in the process of switching our chemical cleaners with natural ones like Nature’s Source.  They cost more than vinegar, though they are not pricey, but I feel a little skeptical about vinegar as a disinfectant.  Is this unfounded?  Please tell me if it is!

I am trying to figure out the whole natural shampoo, soap, etc. situation.  I am more than willing to admit that I sometimes feel torn between only putting things on my body that I would put in my body…and the fact that my shampoo and conditioner for curly hair works really well and I like the way my soap smells.  A lot of all natural products are considerably more expensive than the good old chemical-laced ones, which is also an issue for me.

I do feel I’ve made some steps in the right direction:

        coconut oil–I use it as a moisterizer on my face, not the virgin kind because I don’t think I could handle smelling like a coconut all the time.  (I know you’re not supposed to need moisterizer til your “old” but I’ve needed it since I was about 13.)

       epsom salts–I use this as a facial scrub to get rid of the flaky skin.  I also think it might absorb some oil.  Wet your finger tips, dip them in the salt, and scrub away.

        Kinky-Curly hair gel–Unlike coconut oil and epsom salts this product was not cheap, but it has no chemicals or artificial scents and I decided I could splurge on my most recent visit to Whole Foods.

What have you done to green up your bathroom or other parts of your home?



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