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Why I Should Be A Millionaire

Posted on: July 27, 2009

As is evidenced by this blog, I am quite taken with cooking, crafting, and other domestic activities.  When I’m not occupied with these pursuits, and not at my school day job as a teacher, I focus a fair bit of energy on frugality and saving money.  It’s such an important sector of this whirly girl’s life I’ve decided to write a bit about it here.  I hope you’ll chime in.

The way I see it, my husband and I should be well on our way to being millionaires.  Seriously.  Everytime I see an article or book about how to save money I get all excited only to find, after one paragrah, that I’m already doing just about everything suggested.  I don’t buy my daily coffee at Starbucks.  We don’t have cable.  I don’t get manicures or pedicures.  We don’t have credit card debt.  I use coupons.  We cook most meals at home.  When we buy clothes, they’re on sale.  We use Netflix instead of going to the movies.  And so on and so forth.

While I can definitely see how we are benefitting from our current life style, I can’t help but feel like we can do more.  I would classify us as your average, middle-class, early in marriage couple.  We most assuredly have everything we need and then some.  Perhaps it’s that perfectionist streak in me that keeps pushing me to save MORE and spend LESS. 

I hope you’ll join me as I keep figuring this out.  I don’t think money is nearly as much fun as making magnets and growing tomatoes, but it sure is useful to have around.


2 Responses to "Why I Should Be A Millionaire"

A great tool that we’ve started to use is I also try and read the grocery store sale adds and plan my meals around that as well as whatever coupons i’ve managed to clip. (Sounds like you do pretty well at this). I always bring my own grocery bags, a lot of places give you a few cents off for this. Also a great website for discounts is Those are my “tips”…

hey deadra! sounds like we are pretty much on the same page. 🙂 i just always feel like we can do a better job managing our finances, no matter what we already do…thanks for your thoughts!

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