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Homemade Swiffer Cloths

Posted on: July 27, 2009

This morning I turned the cut-off legs of a pair of ratty pants-turned-shorts into cloths for my Swiffer Sweeper.  I feel very much like a Suzy Homemake right now.  I’ve been feeling like it’s a little ridiculous to buy boxes of cloths simply because of the brand name (as much as I love the Swiffer concept!) and convenience.  Then, yesterday we had a conversation about how we needed to clean the dust from the hard-to-reach spots in our house–under the china hutch that weights a ton and I’m not strong enough to help move, for example.  Thus was born the motivation to take the leftovers from a pair of Scott’s pants-turned-shorts and cut them down to fit on the end of my Swiffer.  No, I am not that clever for using old clothing for cleaning purposes; I realize this is something that has been done since the dawn of time.  But I’m a tad proud anyway.



P.S. I cleaned under the china hutch right away.


2 Responses to "Homemade Swiffer Cloths"

That’s a great idea. I think some ratty old t-shirts would work well too. I’ve been using the swiffer dry cloths soaked in pine-sol and water to clean our hardwood floors. I use both sides of them to be economical, but I’m going to scrounge for some old clothes.

have you ever used murphy’s oil soap? i think it’s specifically for hardwood floors, but i’ve used it on the tile floors in the kitchen and bathroom and to wipe down cabinet doors, etc.

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