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More Magnets

Posted on: July 15, 2009

I made some more magnets the other day.  A friend of my mom’s gave Mom a souvenir from her trip to Paris in a bag with some great designs.  Mom gave the bag to me and I turned it into some pretty magnets and then gave them back.  It was a typical, lightweight giftshop bag, so I mounted it on some cardstock that I think was leftover from our wedding programs.  It was hard to decide what little scenes to capture, but here is how they turned out.  I also made a few from a frappuccino label and salad dressing label.  Not quite as chic as a French bag, but still interesting.








3 Responses to "More Magnets"

And those magnets look great on my fridge, lending my humble kitchen a little bistro flair. Thanks!


I love these! So unique. If my fridge weren’t already covered (and I do mean covered) in magnets I’ve made, I would feel the urgent need to try making some using old magazine scraps and other odds and ends rather than just scrapbook paper. Super cute.

Now I am very inspired to make more magnets w/ magazine pages! Magnets are such a gratifying project when you feel like you just have to *make* something.

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