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Posted on: July 13, 2009

My beloved husband turned 30 last month.  His birthday fell during the week of a friend’s wedding, so we postponed the celebration til last weekend.  He’s been pining to smoke a brisket ever since we returned from our honeymoon last summer and found a grill/smoker waiting for us in our yard, courtesy of some great friends.  Taking advantage of a 4th of July sale that carried over into last week, we bought a brisket for .87/lb and invited everyone we know. 



blueberry boy bait

While Scott babysat the meat on Saturday, I went down to the farmer’s market for some blueberries (I also bought an anaheim pepper plant, because it was $3 and because the seller reminded me of my grandfather, but that’s besides the point).  Then I made a blueberry boy bait.  It was a very nice, coffee cake-ish recipe.  I love the name, though I think it was overshadowed, and rightfully so, by the main boy bait–the brisket.



brisket boy bait

 It was too hot for the idyllic picnic under the shade tree in the yard, complete with lawn chairs and coolers and tiki torches, so we packed everyone into our little house–some guests graciously sat on the floor–and had a good time anyway.

P.S. If you come to my house I will most definitely try to pawn a piece of blueberry boy bait off on you.  I am try to bring healthy Candace out again and it’s not helping one bit.


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