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We’re getting pretty good at making salads in our house.  Here is what I made Friday night.  I could have eaten a whole plateful, it was that good.  It also went well with the enchiladas I made as the main course.  Since avocados are a bit fatty, I didn’t need any oil or other salad dressing ingredients.  I know it was the quality of ingredients that made it so wonderful.  The tomato came from my Roma plant. The avocado and lime came from the Hispanic grocery store four blocks from my house; not only where they amazingly good, but limes where 15/$1 and avocados 4/.97.  I didn’t expect it to be so good I’d want to write about it, so alas, I have no picture.

Tomato and Avocado Salad (serves 1, multiply as needed)

big handful of lettuce

half an avocado, cut up

half a Roma tomato, chopped

half a lime

kosher salt and freshly ground pepper


Put the veggies on your plate, squeeze lime over it all, sprinkle with salt and pepper.  In the words of Rachael Ray–yum-o!


I started a new page up top.  Now that summer is here I am reading more and have always wanted to actually document my read books.

How are these not the prettiest things you’ve ever seen?



Two mornings ago I picked out first basket of tomatoes.  I felt rather agrarian.  After staking up the four tomato plants and picking my dainty basketful, I was wishing I had more plants to tend.  If I was Wendell Berry I’d probably write a poem or essay about it.  I just took a picture instead. 




I made pizza with the Romas: homemade crust baked at 450 for 8 minutes, drizzled with olive oil then covered with slices of tomatoes, mozzerella, fresh basil leaves from the pot in the yard, and pepperoni, baked for 12 minutes.  Delish.

I quartered the yellow plums and put them in a salad.

A few weeks ago I attended a triple baby shower–both 4th grade teachers and the math teacher are expecting babinos at various points of the summer.  I was very brave and gave knitted items to people not related to me for the very first time.  I think they turned out nicely.  I used this pattern and I Love This Yarn yarn, purchased at Hobby Lobby; the blue and green yarn was sport weight and worked the best.  I think my needles were one size up from what the pattern said, solely because that was the closest size I had.


Green for Lindsey’s baby, whose gender will be announced at birth, blue for Nichole’s boy, and variegated for Katherine’s twin girls.  The green yarn is my favorite and I think I might make myself a skinny scarf with the leftovers.

This is where I have been.



Now I am back.  To celebrate our 1st anniversary (plus his 30th birthday, my survival of the school year, and my birthday in a couple months) we headed to Mexico.  It was fab-U-lous.   Neither of us had ever taken a “fancy vacation” before and we had a ball.  Aside from a snorkeling trip and a foray into town to buy a hammock, we stay at the resort and lolled on the beach and by the pool.  I read three books.  He took a million pictures.  We both have very nice tans.  And are glad to be home.

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