The Whirly Girl


Posted on: May 22, 2009

One thing I am learning from my husband is how to entertain well.  I love spending time with friends, provided I have enough of the proverbial “me time”, but I’m usually hesitant to cast around invites.  I was the child afraid of talking to anyone.  At all.  I’ve come along way, people, so I believe I can be cut some slack when I fall into introvert slumps. 

However, I mustered all my southern belle genes and invited my co-workers over for appetizers and other goodies last night.  We’d all gone to a restaurant with appetizer specials after work a few times and, at my social husband’s promptings, I thought it would be fun to gather at a home instead of a restaurant.  And gather we did.

We ate baked brie and fruit and pecan bars and veggies and bruschetta–the majority of which were prepared by my wonderful husband.  We talked about our students and next year’s contracts and how ready we were for summer.  We laughed hysterically.  For almost four hours.  It was lovely.  I should hostess to the mostest more often.

what was left of the brie

what was left of the brie


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