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Rosemary Potatoes

Posted on: May 8, 2009

This recipe is so simple, I shouldn’t be as proud of it as I am.  However, it has filled many a side-dish hole on our table and received multiple compliments, so I remain exceedingly thrilled with it.  One of my bright, shining culinary moments was when one of our foodie friends was over for dinner and asked if I sauteed the potatoes to give them their lovely, browned edges.  Victory.

No, you don’t saute–saute-ing is not my life’s calling, ask my husband.  You don’t even have to use bowl.  Here is what you need and need to do for a lovely and tasty side-dish appropriate for all seasons.

Rosemary Potatoes

potatoes, washed and cubed (leave skins on)

olive oil

fresh rosemary leaves

onion soup mix

salt and pepper


Put your potatoes in a glass baking dish.  I have fed four from a 9 x9 inch dish and move up from there depending on how many are coming for dinner.  Drizzle potatoes with olive oil, the sprinkle on rosemary, soup mix, salt, and pepper–all to your taste.  Toss to coat.  Bake at 450 degrees until nicely browned.  Check at 30 min.  The amount and size of the potatoes will determine how long they need to bake (if you’re in a hurry, cut potatoes into smaller cubes).  Serve hot from the dish, since they’re pretty to look at.

I got the recipe from my mama.  She thinks I added the soup mix on my own, but I am positive it was part of her original recipe.  If you want to avoid MSG and other unlovely additives, leave out the soup and add a little extra salt or whatever seasoning suits your palate.  I should leave it out, but the brown onion bits at the bottom of the pan provide more temptation than I can handle.  I pretend that using rosemary from our garden cancels out the MSG.



See, they’re even pretty before they’re roasted.


3 Responses to "Rosemary Potatoes"

I think I saw a recipe for a homemade onion soup mix on the How To Cook Like Your Grandmother website that doesn’t contain boullion… it’s all natural.

These potatoes look awesome!!

Jen, thanks for the tip. Now the potatoes will be even better!

These look great! Frontier Herbs offers powdered onion soup mix that I’m pretty certain has no MSG (I don’t have any on hand at the moment, so I can’t check), but I’m sure I have checked before.

I’ve also been successful using better than boullion and my own dried onions for soups, but since the better than boullion is a thick concentrate and not a powder, it might not work so well this time… but might be worth playing with!

We’ll be trying these ourselves soon!

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