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I am not the greenest person out there, but I’m working on it.  I use reuseable bags when I grocery shop, we use cloth napkins at every meal (which initially was because they were cute, but still), and I recycle pretty regularly at work (at home I am still “building the habit”).  Yesterday, in the midst of school pictures, a history faire, unusually rowdy students, and general end-of-the-year mayhem, one of my fabulous co-workers came up with a great way to honor Earth Day as we’re powering through the last six weeks of school: walking to happy hour.  And so we did.



We live in the back half of a duplex we estimate is about 80 years old.  It is a mixture of charming (built in shelves in the dining nook, a little office connect to the one big bedroom, beautiful and original hardwood floors throughout) and shabby (bathroom cabinet doors that won’t close and just enough draftiness to alert us to changes in the outside temperature) and is a quite fitting first home for the married-less-than-a-year couple, young-ish couple that we are.  We are quite please the rent we do/don’t pay and are happy to have the half with the fenced in yard.  The other day we realized we had a little friend that had come in to say hello.


I haven’t decided if this little guy and his location fall into the charming or shabby category, but I like him.

At my school every Friday is “Falcon [school mascot] Friday,” which means students can wear jeans and their school tshirt, as opposed to their uniforms.  Teachers have taken that to mean we can wear anything we want, provided it isn’t more casual than jeans, and there is something so liberating about rolling out of bed Friday mornings and throwing on jeans and whatever shirt is convenient.  Recently I came to the bottom of the shirts-that-are-technically-tshirts-but-fitted-enough-to-wear-to-work pile and found the one that says “make your own everything.”

Feeling inspired, and since nachos are on our menu for the week, I thought I’d try my hand at making my own tortilla chips.  I remember my mom making them with leftover corn tortillas and I found this recipe to guide me.  I was pretty pleased with the end result.  They’re thicker than store bought chips and sturdy enough to hold nacho topping goodness.  Ironically enough, I ran out of steam before getting around to actually making dinner and we went out instead.  I put them chips to bed in a ziplock and used them the next day. 

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