The Whirly Girl

The Magnets

Posted on: March 20, 2009

One of the things I did over spring break was make magnets.  I’d seen several sets of instructions on other blogs and they seemed quick enough to provide the instant craft gratification I was looking for.  I hit up Hobby Lobby and Michael’s in the morning, then hunkered down that afternoon to drink tea, watch the rain, and make magnets. 

I hot-glued scrapbook paper to wooden disks, then painted on some gloss glaze when the glue dried.  I started hot-glueing round magnets on the backs, but realized the glaze was still wet enough that I was leaving fingerprints, so I finished up with the magnets the next day.  This is what all the flat surfaces in the “office” looked like:


2 Responses to "The Magnets"

Lovely magnets! I’m so proud of you! What crafty things do you want to do when I come visit in a couple weeks?

Hey, thanks for the link to my blog! I love your magnets. How funny is this… I have that exact same scrapbook paper, and used it in my magnet-making, too!

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