The Whirly Girl

Spring Break Recap

Posted on: March 20, 2009

The end of this week marks the survival for the first week back after spring break.  I am positive we teachers appreciate a week off in March more that the darling rugrats we teacher.  At least, I know I did.

What I Did Not Have To Do Over Spring Break:

1. Wear makeup (my grown-up acne, that I’m sure I’m catching from my middle schoolers, magically cleared up).

2. Recess duty.

3. Grade quizzes.

4. Pack my lunch.

5. Pretend to be sympathetic when administering logical consequences to unruly students.

 What I Got To Do Because Of Spring Break:

1. Worked on my ’09-’10 school bag.

2. Made magnets (thanks for the ideas being sarah marie and angry chicken!).

3. Started making a rug.

4. Talked crafts with my mama.

5. Took pictures of said crafts.

I am quite certain I will make a stellar stay-at-home-wife/mama some day.


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